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New address of central office
Please note that the registration and postal address of Nordgate Trading O‹ is changed. Our new address is: Jšrvevana tee 9, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
We are happy to inform Nordgate Trading O‹ became a Member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Key business directions for NORDGATE TRADING OÜ are supplies of telecommunication equipment and raw materials for telecom and cable industries to Eastern Europe and logistics and handling of the goods. 

Our range of products includes:

- A number of devices and equipment names for installation and maintenance of telecom lines: measuring and testing equipment, optical fiber fusion splicers, OTDR machines etc.
- Optical fiber cable, patchcords, adapters;
- Wide range of raw materials for production of telecom and power transmission cables like polyethyelene, optical fiber, cable jellies, fiber plastic rods, steel tape for armour, cable textile etc.

Nordgate Trading O‹
Jšrvevana tee 9
11314 Tallinn Estonia